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Are you tired of searching for moneymaking secrets?
Couldn't you find any means of earning money easily?
Then you came to the right place. I have the way useful for you. There's nothing difficulty and risk in it.
You spend a lot on the internet searching for offers. I think you can't find the right means.
Why can't you believe us?
Can't you spare some minutes for me to read this?
Do you believe in depositing a sum and getting the double amount of it?
You have to believe it.
yes. I have the plan which was recognised by the Government.
Don't you believe in this?
The plan about which I was going to explain is being undertaken by IRDA.
There's nothing spam in it. I amn't going to drown you.
I'll straightly come to the policy.
It is a five years plan.
In the first year you have to deposit Rs.10,000 at a time.
In second and third years you have to pay the same amount in the same month as previous.
In the fourth and fifth years you need not pay any amount and could relax waiting for the doubling of the amount.
Now we will the policy in detail:
Salient features of benefits available to members and / or their family members:
1. Medical assistance
A) To provide medical treatment facilities and periodical health check-up.
B) To provide ambulance services.
C) To provide transport, medicines & hospitalization, if required, during sickness.
2. To provide recreation and refreshment facililties.
3. To provide accommodation while on tour and visits to places of interest including site-seeing facilities.
4. To arrange for sports related activities(both indoor & outdoor) where Members can participate.
5. Training facilities: Members may participate in the training programme on various matters of interest organized by the Club from time to time and attend lectures / seminars / exhibitions with particular reference to insurance related topics.
6. Members may avail of insurance coverage to be placed with IRDA approved Insurance Companies through an approved IRDA licensed agent. Kindly note that benefit under item (6), we willbe appointing a competent Group Manager who will provide all coordinating services to you free of cost. For this purpose, relevant details have to be filled up seperately for all insured persons.
7. Any other services as decided by the Club.
8. Any dispute is subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction only
Just can't you deposit Rs.10,000 per annum?
Why are you waiting for? Just mail me at
There are no restrictions relating on the location of yours. Persons belonging to any area can apply.
Want to contact by mobile? Just dial 9849061143

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